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WE NEED HEARTS: Calling all sewing lovers!

We are including Snuggle Hearts for the first time this year in our very first Mother's Day Bags.

Baby Ethan using his Snuggle Heart in the NICU in 2018. Picture shared with permission from his awesome NICU Mumma Tara.

Last week I put out the call for people to help me sew the 188 sets (376 total, minimum) soft fabric hearts that we want to include in our first ever Mother's Day bags this year. I am so happy to say that we have received many offers of help from people who love to sew all over Australia and the world. See below for more information on this wonderful idea.

THE ORIGINAL POST from NICU Cheer's Instragram:

📸 Top picture from the Chicago Tribune 📸 Bottom right picture from

If you or anyone you know can sew and you'd like to help please send an email to us at and I will forward you the one page template and instructions. No amount is too small either anything from 1 heart to 100+ hearts is wonderful! Every heart helps!

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