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Christmas Day 2023

Another bad weather day meant this packing party was moved to an indoor venue, kindly donated by our Bundoora Bowling Club. They have offered to host us anytime we need a venue and we could not be more grateful to them.


My NICU Cheer Squad are SIMPLY THE BEST!!! Bags full of wonderful goodies thanks to donations from:

  • Bag labels donated by Lummi Babywear.

  • Toiletries from Pinchapoo

  • Books from Penguin Books by authors Zoe Foster Blake and Justine Clarke

  • Baby Hats from Purebaby Organic

  • Dry Shampoo from Batiste Hair

  • Snuggle Hearts from our NICU Cheer sewing volunteers

  • Milestone cards printed by Life Sumo file donated by Miracle Mumma

  • Snacks & chocs donated by the public via our online gift registry

  • SIDS Aware Teddy from anonymous donor

  • Christmas Santa Hat Beanies

On Christmas Day the bags were handed out to every cot in the NICUs or Special Care Nurseries at:

  • Mercy Hospital for Women

  • The Royal Womens

  • Monash Childrens Hospital

  • Joan Kirner Women & Children's Hospital

  • The Royal Childrens

  • Ballarat Hospital

  • Northern Health

  • Casey Hospital

  • Sandringham Hospital

  • Dandenong Hospital

NICU Cheer given the all clear to go ahead with Father's Day deliveries

It was a little different and much harder to do without our army of volunteers who help us on site, but we are so pleased that we were able to spread cheer to the Fathers of Melbourne's smallest and sickest babies again this year despite Covid lock-down with a Dad Bag for 250 NICU fathers this Father's Day. 


We created "pack at home" tasks for volunteers in our 5km bubble + online printing and other ways to help from afar and the response has been overwhelming in the best possible way. As soon as I put up a notice in our group pages that I had popped boxes of stock out for contactless pick up they were gone and then returned fully prepped ready to go into our bags within a day or two. Our NICU Cheer Squad is quite simply amazing.

Our FATHER'S DAY NICU Cheer bags will contain most of or a variation of the following:

  • SNUGGLE HEARTS: A set of our bespoke NICU Cheer scent bonding hearts

  • EVERY TINY THING: a NICU family poster to record your child's Nurses & Doctors names on

  • MIRACLE MUMMA: Milestone cards specific to the NICU

  • TOILETRIES: A mixed back from Pinchapoo

  • SIDS: A small teddy from SIDS/Red Nose Australia

  • BOOK:  A story book for Dads to read to babies in the NICU

  • SOCKS: Half donated by Underworks Australia + Tradie / The rest donated by the public

  • PANDA: resources on post-natal anxiety and depression for Dads

  • BOOKMARK: from The Fathering Project

  • CHOCOLATE: Custom choccies

  • SNACKS: Muesli bar, chips, etc...




Reading to your baby when they're in the incubator cot, even when you cannot touch or hold them yet, is a beautiful way to bond with your baby, so we have added a number of books to our NICU Cheer gift registry. It is such a simple and beautiful way for Dad to bond with baby too which is really important and the beauty of a book is it's the gift that will keep on giving for years after this Father's Day.



What is an Aussie father's Day withouth a pair of awesome socks. The legends at Underworks Australia & Tradie Workwear donated over 1000 pairs this year and many more have been donated by the public. We're hoping to get all 250 pairs so every Dad gets a set.


The Dad socks and books can be purchased online via our registry and sent to NICU Cheer to go into our Father's Day bags. Please have a look today at the books/socks that can be donated to cheer up a NICU Dad this Father's Day:


Our 2nd Father's Day delivery after our first in 2020 was a big success!!!

We've expanded again since last year and cannot wait to cheer up NICU Dads again this year. NICU Dads right across Melbourne will get a bag from us including snacks, toiletries, Snuggle Hearts, NICU Milestone cards, NICU Family poster and more...

Father's Day 2021:

  • 250 gift-bags

  • 5 hospitals

  • Extras for staff if possible

Father's Day 2020:

  • 222 gift-bags

  • 4 hospitals

  • 1 staff hamper per each NICU

Father's Day NICU Cheer Bags.jpg
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