Maddie (Donaghy) Francis

Help Us Spread Cheer

Lend A Hand

See below for that ways that individuals and companies big or small can all help us to fill the NICU Cheer gift bags year round + hampers of treats for the staff at Christmas time  too.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can help us spread the cheer:

Buy Some Swag

There are always some items that we cannot secure corporate donations of that we'd love to include to finish off our NICU Cheer gift-bags to the highest standard possible.


Check out the registry of items here that you can purchase today for our bags.

Supply Goods

Do you have or do you know of a business who may be able to donate 250 units of beauty products, toiletries, snacks, drinks, baby clothing, baby nursery items or other treats/gifts? If so, please get in touch with us so we can get together and chat about working together.

Donate Funds

Make a donation today to help us fill the bags with the items we cannot secure corporate donations or public purchases of. Items such as the printing costs,  stickers for the bags, candle labels, transportation costs, topping up any items where less than 250 units were donated per delivery and so on.  

Lend A Hand

Want to join our NICU Cheer Squad: Help us pack our bags at one of our packing parties! The music is on, food and drinks flow and we do 250 bags at a time.  Or can you supply clean/sterile moving boxes? Or help us deliver our swag-bags? There are many ways to get involved.

Sew Hearts

Are you or anyone you know able to sew? The hearts are very easy to make & we need thousands. The baby lies on or near a heart in the NICU cot + Mum wears one down her top. They then swap them around to stay bonded through scent. It calms both down, improves baby's stats + helps mum's milk come in.