Maddie (Donaghy) Francis
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Meet the
NICU Cheer Squad



NICU Mum - Founder



NICU Dad - Photographer

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NICU Sibling - Big Sister



NICU Grad - 30-weeker

NICU Cheer started with a simple hope for our family to drop off a hamper, maybe two, to our NICU on Christmas Day the year following our 30-weeker's graduation from NICU in 2016. From there it has grown and expanded multiple times, but is still family run, we squeeze it around both of our full-time jobs & parent-life including our gorgeous extra needs little man and his many appointments.... AND wonderfully since 2019 we have also had the help, love & support of the NICU Cheer Squad to keep NICU Cheer going. 

Our amazing & ever growing NICU Cheer Squad are the volunteers who tirelessly give their time & help with prepping, packing, promoting, donating, delivering and/or sewing (see below) etc year-round. Their generous help means we can donate more bags on more days and we simply could not do what we do now without them.  The NC Squad is a mix of friends, local community members, NICU graduates and beautifully many ex-NICU  families who have received a NICU Cheer bag themselves in the past. Sometimes the tiny NICU grads themselves even come along to our packing parties  and seeing the  babies & their parents who we cheered up now giving back to cheer up other NICU families is simply the most beautiful full-circle moments I could ever have hoped for. 

Special shout out has to go to our Snuggle Hearts Squad too as they also work year round sewing our custom NICU Cheer Snuggle Hearts by hand or machine and they are based all over Australia and some hearts have even come from as far away as the USA, Italy, NZ and more.... If you would like to join either or both squads please see the HELP SPREAD CHEER tab above for the links... and click through below to see of our events called Prosecco Packing Parties - where the squad assemble to help us put NICU Cheer + love into over 1,260 bags every year - with all wine now donated by our wonderful sponsors De Bortoli Wines of the Yarra Valley.