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In 2022 the Easter Bunny will once again help NICU Cheer deliver our annual Easter Bags to the parents of 250 babies at Melbourne's 5 major neonatal intensive care units at:

Mercy Hospital for Women NICU

Royal Women's Hospital NICU
Monash Children's NICU

The Royal Children's Hospital NICU
Joan Kirner Women + Children's Hospital NICU

+ little hampers of choccie treats for the staff too.


It takes a large village to do what we do so THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU of donate, volunteer, pack and help in so many many ways, I appreciate all of it so much. This year the NICU Cheer Squad came out to help pack the Easter 2022 bags recently and we also got most of the items packed into the Mother's Day bags too - because the squad are just that awesome. All up we packed 500 bags in one day by a team of 10 + myself. The 2022 Easter bags will soon be delivered to NICU mothers across Melbourne and hold gorgeous little goodies including:

  • Custom NICU Cheer Snuggle Hearts in a bunny design

  • A bag of little toiletry goodies by Pinchapoo

  • A Children's book - bunny or Easter themed where possible

  • NICU Specific Milestone cards by Miracle Mumma

  • NICU Family Poster by Every Tiny Thing

  • A custom NICU CHEER baby on board sign

  • Easter Bonbon

  • A tall chocolate Easter Bunny

  • Easter Choccie Eggs

  • A custom NICU Cheer chocolate car

  • A snack - muesli bar, popcorn or chips etc

  • more...



Please see our registry at to see what we need this year or go to the Help Us tab to donate money for goodies to go into the bags.

We also always need more Snuggle Hearts so if you or anyone you know can do even the most basic of sewing please check out our template and instructions here for the simple flat fabric hearts. The Snuggle Hearts are gifted in pairs for Mum to wear one down her top (or Dad) and the baby sleeps on or near the other one in their NICU cot.


The hearts are then swapped around so that the parent and child ca remain bonded through scent. If you cannot sew or you would just like to donate something you can buy instead please see our online gift-registry for Easter books and other items that we need at

NICU Cheer Easter Appeal 2022


our second annual NICU Cheer Easter bags to NICUs right across Melbourne.

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