Maddie (Donaghy) Francis
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NICU Cheer 2019

The 2019 NICU Cheer deliveries were our best yet thanks to all the wonderful people who donated + to our fabulous corporate sponsors who have donated or provided a discount for their goods.

We were so proud last year to be partnering with:  Pinchapoo, Halycon Nights, Cobs Popcorn, Officeworks, Bidibots, Every Tiny Thing, Earlybirds, TLP Creative, Bliss Bouquets Melbourne, Premmie Milestone Cards, Cadbury, Khatija Possum Arts, Just Adorable, Olivia & Me, Tiny Tots + more.

We had truckloads of goodies and ended up doing

>>188 NICU Cheer giftbags for parents at 3 major hospitals:

Mercy Hospital for Women NICU

Royal Women's Hospital NICU
Monash Children's NICU

+ hampers for the staff and family rooms too.  I couldn't have been more excited to spread some NICU Cheer last Christmas & I couldn't have done it on my own it was the 1st year I had volunteers help me pack the bags and it was so much fun.  All of these legends pictured here + some others who left before photos were taken helped and I could not have done it without them! #ittakesavillage THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

As with our previous years Dr Gillian (our son's NICU Dr) was on hand to help us unload our delivery, store them and then hand them out on Christmas Eve too which was a few weeks after delivery this year - the other difference this year is that she was actually on leave for both delivery and Christmas Days and yet she still came in both days to help us do this - proving beyond a doubt she is simply the best!



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