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Squad Spotlight - Samantha

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm currently working as a Special Needs Assistant with Jetstar – I love my job and really enjoy meeting lovely people and helping them. Originally from QLD, I love to get out and have fun with hubby and the kids (1 & 4yrs old) and get back to nature. I absolutely love creative cooking and am a sucker for all vampire shows!! GO GEELONG CATS!


When & why did you join the NICU Cheer Squad / Snuggle Hearts Sewing Group?

I joined this amazing network of people (in mid 2022) to support families through what can be an incredibly difficult time when having a premature bubba. I find it very rewarding and fulfilling to know that I might have made even the smallest impact to a special bubba, mum or dad who have been blessed to welcome a little one into the world.


What's been your favourite part of NICU Cheer?

I love seeing the updates of beautiful families receiving their special support packs, it absolutely warms my heart to see a little face to a story and to reflect on how NICU Cheer has been involved in that story and that special bubba’s life. It is also amazing to be in the company of such incredible women and enjoy the feeling of sisterhood.


What's your favourite item in the NICU Cheer bags?

The purebaby onesies are too cute! Also a huge fan of the skin care for mumma’s self love and self care.


What would you say to those considering joining the NICU Cheer Squad?

Even the smallest amount of time and/or financial donation you could contribute could potentially make a huge impact on the experience of delivering/having a premature bubba. That goes across the board, for bubba, mum and dad. This network and community has so much love and support to give and to be a part of that is something truly special.


Anything else you want to share?

Being a part of NICU Cheer and contributing for this cause is incredibly rewarding and helps me to reflect on the blessings in my own life. I’m very grateful to be apart of this charity and to have the opportunity to support such wonderful families and their stories.

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