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Sisters giving back to NICU

The two sisters behind Kellie & Abbie reached out in 2020 wanting to donate to our NICU bags as they credit with the NICU with saving Abbie's life. Kellie was only 3 years old when Abbie was born with an extremely rare condition of Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia that meant a hole in her diaphragm pushed all her intestines and stomach into her chest cavity, moving her heart to the wrong side. It wasn't picked up on initially & the doctors were in shock that she had managed to survive as most babies would have died over night.

She was rushed from the Shepparton Base Hospital to the RCH NICU here in Melbourne to receive life saving surgery at just 4 days old. During Abbie's recovery, it meant the family spent a lot of time in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and during that time Kellie fell in love with babies..."Seeing Abbie and helping my parents take care of her was just so special. I remember changing her nappies, washing her face and bringing her teddies, loving every minute of being in the NICU".

The girls have generously donated hundreds of packets of their beautiful products to go into the bags for our families who will be in the NICU on Christmas Day in 2020. We couldn't be more excited or honoured that they chose us to help. These treats will go a long to making NICU mums feel special, to feel less alone and to know that they are so loved by the global NICU community. Check out the Kellie + Abbie store and read more about their inspirational story and strong sister bond at:

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