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Our 20th Dept at RCH

This afternoon 17 June we found out just how seriously they’re taking Ashton’s latest medical issue when an appt letter for the endocrinologist at RCH arrived & to our shock it’s really soon. As this is his 20th department he’ll have been seen by at RCH we’re pretty used to the Suspicion>>Tests>>Referral>>EPIC waiting list pattern of the RCH specialist teams. Not this time… he’s been stepping up through the levels of tests since April & after the latest results came in a few weeks ago & further testing on the spot that day things have been full throttle.

Some of his doctors suspect an adrenal tumour, another thinks it could be a previously missed congenital condition, but all agree & the tests confirm something is wrong with his adrenal

system. Now we need to figure out what.

I feel so numb/foggy. I’ve officially after 8 years, 20 departments, 5 hospitals & countless appointments & procedures reached appointment fatigue. Ashton though is the one who truly suffers. He hates the hospital, hates being poked, prodded, needless, xrayed, sedated… rinse & repeat. So, as hard as it is for me I’m holding it together for him as he is such a super trooper.

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