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It's all happening! So busy in isolation...

I have no idea what sleep is anymore...and I have never been more stressed/sad in my life as I am right now about Stage 4 lock-down and missing family and friends more than words can describe, HOWEVER I am so happy to say that NICU Cheer is going off the charts right now & that has been a wonderful distraction as we have so much is going on right now.

We have sooooo many goodies here ready to be packed into our Father's Day bags that our storage shed is overflowing and our house is looking more like a Costco than a home. We have had some super generous offers come out of nowhere too which is always a wonderful surprise.

An Aussie swimwear company is donating 500 custom NICU Cheer face masks (so 2020), another is making us Custom Denim Aprons to be a part of our uniform & another company said to sign them up for next year for donations of their lovely hand cream products (we already have their product for this year). Thank you so much to everyone who donated Children's Books... we now have more than enough for all of the Father's Day bags AND almost every one of the Christmas Day bags too.. So amazing!

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