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I'm leaving Covid Testing

Such a bittersweet week at work. I am so sad that my time with my insanely funny & crazy DPV Health work crew is wrapping up soon, as I put my notice in last week to finish up my time in Covid testing in the Mernda site and on the Rapid Response Team.

On the flip side I’m so looking forward to be starting an exciting new job working for at La Trobe University based in the Northern Hospital Melbourne coordinating 3rd year Nursing & Midwifery students doing their hospital rotations. It’s going to be a great opportunity to meet new people, to grow & learn in the tertiary education & hospital sectors + bonus it is literally 1 block from my NICU Cheer storeroom so I can pick stock up after shifts too for our two big donation days coming up at Easter & Mother's Day.

Before all that though, going to thoroughly soak in my last few weeks with my Covid work family from DPV Health We’ve seen it all on the frontlines and whilst the vast majority of people were tested were beautiful members from the community thanking us for providing this vital service, the vile abuse and violent behaviour we have also witnessed/been subjected to will never be forgotten and in it's own weird way those moments bonded us no like no other job ever could or will as we had to have each other's backs, literally some days. I am so proud to have been a part of this team.

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