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Father's Day is going ahead!

We are so pleased to announce that NICU Cheer has been given clearance do donate gift-bags this coming Father's Day to all four of Melbourne's tertiary level NICUs. We will doing up and donating a total of 223 bags to the NICUs at: Mercy Hospital for Women

Monash Children's Hospital The Royal Children's Hospital The Royal Women's Hospital.

Each bag will be full of luxe men's toiletries care of Pinchapoo, snacks, premmie gifts and hopefully a Dad book to go into each and every bag. We are currently running a BOOK DRIVE to get as many Dad books donated as possible so that we can include one in as many bags as we can. Reading to your baby in the NICU even when you cannot hold or touch them is such a simple and beautiful way to bond. Please see our registry for the books available to donate:

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