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Thanks to the public and a celebrity author (see next blog) we now have enough DAD books for all of our Father's Day gift-bags for 2020 and even leftovers that will go into our Christmas Day Packs. Thank you to every person who bought and donated books to our Father's Day Drive. I couldn't be more grateful for the continued support we receive from friends, family and the public. It just fills my love cup right up!

We wanted to include books as reading to your baby in the NICU is such a simple yet beautiful way to bond with your little one(s). Some of the books we read to Ashton in the NICU are his favourite to this day. It's particularly nice to be able to do something with/for you baby if they are still too small/frail to be picked up yet. For parents who have to wait to cuddle their own child the time can excruciatingly slow. Reading to the baby helps whittle some of that time away and establishes family traditions right from those early days.

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