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Dry Shampoo a NICU parent's BFF!

When your baby(ies) is in the NICU often the only thing on your mind when you go home is how long before you can go back to see them, cuddle them, smell them, kiss them or just talk to them again. To say I loved dry shampoo and the ease with which it allowed me to quickly freshen up and get back to the NICU as soon as humanly possible is the understatement of the territory... and my go to product was always Batiste Dry Shampoo as it is simply the best.

No this is not a paid blog, but yes they have sponsored and generously donated cans of their dry shampoo cans for our bags after I reached out them telling them how much I loved and used their products before, during (especially during) and after our NICU journey. Thank you BATISTE you will ease the burden just a little on over 250 NICU parents this Christmas Day and I am so very grateful to you for that.

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