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I just wanted to message you and say a massive belated thank you for the Christmas gifts we received when our baby was in the NICU and The Women’s in Melbourne. It was a lovely gesture and definitely put a smile on our faces during a difficult day.



Sarah, Mum of Charlie

Christmas Day 2020

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Hi Nicu Cheer Team,


A huge thank you for the lovely gift bag you supplied us on Christmas Day. 

It was a lovely surprise on the day and everything that was in the bag will definitely come in handy throughout our NICU journey. 

Thank you for your generosity and the amazing team that put the bags together, it will never be forgotten.

Our 2 little miracle twin babies (Felix & Oscar) were born at 28 weeks on the 4th December at Frances Perry and were transferred to Royal Women’s, they are doing really well.


Thanks again,

— Natalie + Michael Christmas Day 2020

Update on Koa:

He came home after 12wks in NICU/HDU/SCN on Feb 11 which was his due date!

But the last couple of days he has been a bit unsettled so I used your snuggle hearts in his cot and he has slept so well ever since!


They are useful not just in the hospital but home too!

— Koa's Mum,
February 2021



Hi there

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Christmas surprise. It was lovey to arrive on Xmas morning to the amazing gift bag and it brightened our day.


Our little boy Koa is in week 6 at the Royal Women’s after being born at  28weeks



— Koa's Mum,

Christmas Day 2020

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Just wanted to pass on my absolute thanks for the father day gift bag. It truly put a smile on my face.


Unfortunately on the day my little girl was a little sick for hugs. we had a little rough Saturday night so not much sleep was had. but after walking into see my little girl my eyes where drawn to the bag. I honestly can not thank you enough for the kit, so much content and I am just speechless how much was in there. The Red bull was very helpful and I have attached a photo with bub. Thanks again

— Aaron, Father's Day 2020


Dear NICU Cheer,


I wanted to extend my greatest gratitude for the wonderful gift basket which you provided on Father's Day. It's lovely to have such wonderful people and organisations doing whatever they can to help make our time in NICU a little easier. The bag contained so many wonderful gifts and we can't thank you enough. I have attached some photos of me with my little boy Carter holding the bag and also one of the lovely spread after we had unpacked it at home.


 PS the snacks didn't survive the drive home! 


Thank you all so so much again.

— Jeremy, Father's Day 2020

Hi I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the lovely fathers day hamper.

My little girl was born at 29 weeks and after 2 months in the Monash children's hospital we finally got to take her home last Wednesday. It was made extra special because she was home for my partner's first father's day. I gave him the hamper and he burst into tears. He was so taken back that he was thought about and finally after months of having to be the strong one for myself and our daughter, he could finally let go of everything he was feeling.

Again, I just wanted to say a huge thank you. It was so thoughtful and I know just like my partner, that many father's out there would feel so touched by it.

— Catherine, Father's Day 2020


Thank you NICU Cheer for  an amazing Father's Day gift the gift! Wowww.


For us nicu families, it isn’t just another Father’s Day 💕

It’s incredible and really helped put a smile on a face !

Samson's family,

Father's Day 2020

**Special Donation**

Please note the mask as worn here by Samson's Dad, 500 of these were donated by the Australian company Delfin Swimwear. Such a timely donation in 2020 when mask wearing is mandatory not only in NICUs, but city wide by all citizens at all times when outside the family home.


Burgess twins

This is our Daddy's first father's day and we like many are spending it with our father in the NICU. It is such an experience that no one unless you've been in the NICU whether it's 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or more will understand. NICU Cheer has made it that much more happier by organising these Fathers Day gift-bags with all of these donated goodies for every single father in the NICU/SCN for not only our NICU,  but other NICUs in Melbourne. How Amazing😊

Mummy ate the chocolates before Daddy could get his hands on them 🤫

Thank you NICU Cheer.

The Burgess Twins,

Father's Day 2020

Baby with Stethoscope

All the dads are so so appreciative of the goodie bags for Father's Day. Thank you for bringing so much cheer to these families.

Madelaine - NICU Nurse,

Mercy Hospital 2020

Just wanted to thank you again for putting together the most delightful father’s day bags.

People are feeding back to me that they were so enthusiastically received by the dads.

So many good quality treats, it really brightened their day.

Jenna NICU Nurse Coordinator

The Royal Children's Hospital

Father's Day 2020

We received a Father's Day bag in Monash Children's NICU and we loved it so much, thank you for everything you do, it sure did put a smile on this little families face!


It was so unexpected on Father's day when I went to visit my son in NICU at RCH to receive such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Thank you so much and keep up the great work. It was very much appreciated.

Lanh, NICU Dad Father's Day 2020


Lynda, Earlybirds


December 2019

Here at Earlybirds we have the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with so many parents, families and friends of premature and small babies.


This month, we’d love to introduce you to NICU Cheer, the brainchild of Maddie Francis – following the premature birth of her son Ashton in 2016.


NICU Cheer is all about brightening the days of parents and families of premature/sick babies who find themselves in the NICU on Christmas Day, and to let them know they’re not alone on this journey.


All the gift bags given to the families have product donated by businesses and people, and make such a fantastic difference during this time of year.


Biggest thanks to NICU Cheer for the most thoughtful Christmas hamper of goodies.


It really touched our hearts that volunteers are so supportive and committed to the journey of families with premature babies.


Many, many thanks and happy Christmas xox

NICU Cheer bag recipient Xmas 2019



A big thank you to Maddie, who supported by her friends and family, donated gift bags for all of the parents of sick and premature babies who had to spend Christmas in hospital.

Maddie's NICU Cheer...  included gift-bags for parents, a jumbo hamper for our staff, colouring books for visiting siblings and clothing and wraps for babies.

Maddie's campaign was inspired by her beautiful little boy Ashton, who spent 6.5weeks in our hospital when he was born premature in 2016.

Thank you also to Officeworks, Every Tiny Thing & the Little One for supporting Maddie's Campaign.

Mercy Hospital For Women
Facebook December 2018

Absolutely outstanding stuff!

My wife reminded me that we had tears of joy last year when we received ours. Such a great surprise during an emotional time.

Count me in for future donations. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

NICU Cheer bag recipient Xmas 2017


Nicu bags.jpg

What an amazing thing you have created here!! Thanks you so much!


I’m a Nicu nurse/Anum at Mercy who worked on Xmas day and I saw first hand what an impact you made on these families! As you would have seen from being a patient/parent of a Nicu grad we get ppl from all walks of life there and for some parents your gift was literally the best/only present they received and really made a difference to parents who as you know are having a really difficult time.


So thank you again, you could have put your experience in the review mirror but you have created something really special out of your experience and are paying it forward in such a wonderful way.

Hope your family have had a happy and safe holiday period.

Emma, NICU Nurse

2019 Gift Bags.jpg

We're extremely fortunate to have families of past patients support our hospitals.

This (2018) is the second year Maddie Francis has made up Christmas gift bags for parents of babies in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery at Mercy Hospital for Women.


Mercy Hospital for Women,

Facebook 2018