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50 Marathons 50 Days $50K Target

We at NICU Cheer are so proud to be supporting Tom with his amazing fundraiser that is hoping to raise $50K+ for the Royal Women's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Tom is doing this in honour of his sister Zoe and her beautiful Sylvie who was born at 23 weeks & 6 days weighing just 628 grams. Sylvie spent 134 days in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Royal Women's Hospital. You can see the fundraiser and donate at the link below:

In Tom's words: "As a passionate and dedicated runner for the past 3 years, I was sitting in the NICU feeling helpless, emotional, and scared, but knew instantly that I could use my love for my family and running by putting my time and energy into something positive to raise awareness and funds to support families going through this challenging time. To see the challenges my sister has gone through to become a mother and the hurdles of premature birth, the least I can do is put my body and mind through a grueling challenge. The 42.2kms a day across 50 days will equate to 2110kms during the hottest months in Victoria, this is the equivalent to running halfway across Australia. Some experts suggest having a day off for every mile raced during a marathon, but that’s not in my nature. Shoes on, laces tied and away we go!... everything will be donated to the NICU to provide much needed critical care equipment. One of the most special moments a parent can have with their precious baby is during the skin-to-skin contact time in the reclining chair. Seeing my sister, Zoe, hold Sylvie for the first time in the kangaroo chair is the reason for starting this event. The cost of a single koala chair is $2,759. There is currently less than a dozen chairs available"... CLICK HERE to see more about what Tom is doing and why in this recent interview with Josh Willoughby from Sportitude Running. Donate today at this link:

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