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ᑭᕼOTOᔕ ᗷY ᗰY ᕼᑌᔕᗷᗩᑎᗪ Oᖴ TᕼE ᗩᑌᔕTᖇᗩᒪIᗩᑎ ᗷᑌᔕᕼᖴIᖇE ᑕᖇIᔕIᔕ.

I’m so proud of my husband Aaron @afrancisphoto @the.australian & colleagues from all media sources working tirelessly to document this national crisis showing Australia & the world just how bad it truly is. They have so much respect for the CFA & other emergency services as they see them firsthand working to save lives, homes, communities & livelihoods. They are witnessing true heroes at work.

Unfortunately people love to attack the media & whilst we ignore most of it as “it comes with the job" we have had particularly vitriolic & at times abusive things sent to our family these last 2weeks & it’s not ok. The media aren't some faceless force they are real people with families at home worried about them too & they’re doing their jobs & doing so with a huge admiration & respect for the CFA & co, staying well within emergency service guidelines. 🐨

Aaron has full fire training every year, a full fire kit, always identifies himself & his journo to the CFA Commander to receive instructions on where they can be/what they can do. They were allowed into a zone recently were no other media were because he took the time to introduce himself showing great mutual respect for each other's role in these trying situations. Their work documents the devastation & the destruction of homes/buildings/communities/bush/wildlife/livelihoods & it can be hard going. 🐨

The media’s powerful images play a large a part in the huge outpouring of support from around the world - because let's face it 'SEEING IS BELIEVING'. If the media weren't there I bet these same trolls would be saying "the media don't care". PRAISE & THANKS always to the outstanding work this country’s volunteer fire force & other services on the ground have been providing, you are truly doing us all proud.

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