NICU Cheer 2020 - Father's Day

NICU Cheer given the all clear to go ahead with Father's Day deliveries

Corona-virus affected our operations and unfortunately we were not able to go ahead with our planned inaugural Mother's Day gift-bags drop off in 2020, so we are very pleased to announce that we have been given clearance by Infection Control departments at all four of Melbourne's major NICU hospitals to donate Father's Day Bags this coming September.  We will be following some strict new self-imposed protocols as well as the hospitals Covid regulations too so it will be a little different and the bags will look a little different, but we are so please that we will be able to spread some cheer to the Fathers of Melbourne's smallest and sickest babies.

Our FATHER'S DAY NICU Cheer bags will contain:

  • MAN CREAM: a lovely tub of men's hand cream

  • GIVENCHY: A small bottle of aftershave

  • SUKIN: Hand wash + face scrub

  • AĒSOP: Mouthwash

  • CHARLIE SCREEN: 2in1 Shampoo/Bodywash

  • SIDS: A small teddy from SIDS/Red Nose Australia

  • BOOK: + hopefully a Dad book for each and every bag.


Reading to your baby when they're in the incubator cot, even when you cannot touch or hold them yet, is a beautiful way to bond with your baby, so we have added a number of books to our NICU Cheer gift registry. It is such a simple and beautiful way for Dad to bond with baby too which is really important and the beauty of a book is it's the gift that will keep on giving for years after this Father's Day. The Dad books can be purchased online via our registry and sent to NICU Cheer to go into our Father's Day bags. Please have a look today at the books that can be donated to cheer up a NICU Dad this Father's Day:

Dad Books on Registry.jpg
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